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Fisionomia di un eroe

Fisionomia di un eroe Fisionomia di un eroe : l'individuo superiore nella letteratura europea di fine Ottocento(Huysmans, Wilde, d'Annunzio)"No, non cerco la felicit , ma il piacere, che tanto pi tragico."Oscar WildePremessaIn questo lavoro ho cercato di capire, attraverso l'analisi di tre romanzi che delineano la figura dell'individuo superiore, quali fossero le caratteristiche principali di tale personaggio sia nella letteratura che nella societ decadente.La ricerca non si basata solo sui romanzi, che comunque forniscono notizie sulla vita del tempo, ma anche su altri documenti che mi hanno permesso conoscere un'epoca e di individuare le idee dei sui principali rappresentanti.L'eroe infatti non rappresentato solo nella finzione narrativa, ma al contrario impersonificato dall'autore stesso, che, soprattutto nel periodo letterario, tende ad uniformare vita e arte, rendendone impercepibile e spesso inesistente la differenza.INTRODUZIONE AL DECADENTISMONel linguaggio comune decadente mantiene di solito una connotazione negativa, ma oggigiorno in letteratura diventato un attributo riferito ad un determinato periodo storico denominato appunto Decadentismo.English: French writer J.K. HuysmansQuesto momento letterario nasce al seguito del Romanticismo e da alcuni considerato una fase del Romanticismo stesso, tanto che si pu ² parlare di Decadentismo romantico e di Romanticismo decadente a seconda del prevalere di una delle due linee. In effetti Decadentismo e Romanticismo hanno numerosi caratteri comuni ed difficile tracciare una precisa linea che divida i due movimenti.Se infatti consideriamo il Romanticismo inglese ed il primo Decadentismo francese troviamo numerosi elementi di continuit come le raffinatezze descrittive e l'insistenza sulle cadenze musicali di Samuel Taylor Coleridge, che influirono su Edgar Allan Poe e quindi successivamente sui decadenti ; i libri profetici di William Blake, che anticiparono le teorie di Arthur Rimbaud sulla veggenza e sulla simbologia ; lo stesso gusto per la bellezza in John Keats, che ritorn ² come tematica nel...

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Risk Management Practices in Sea Ports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Risk Management Practices in Sea Ports - Essay Example The risks that a port might be exposed to can be assessed and evaluated to further determine the costs for implementing a risk management plan. "Compliance with existing rules and regulations does not necessarily make for a safe port" (Lloyd's Register). This is very true and unfortunately many ports around the world rely on regulations alone to manage their port assets, this however can be detrimental to the overall need for a safe seaport. Lloyd's register is a company that assesses ships systems in order to provide improve their overall quality as well as facilitate safety for the crews, employees and customers. There are many in dependent company such as Lloyd's register that provide this service in an endeavor to help seaports meet and implement the standards required of them to maintain a favorable environment conducive to human life. Therefore physical assets are protected as well as maintained by ensuring that standards and policies are followed and continuously evaluated to guarantee that they meet the standards and policies set forth by government agencies. Seaports must deal with potential threats daily due to their easy access and vulnerability. The advent of seaports dealing with ongoing threat efficiently is more likely with a substantial well thought of risk management plan. ... Thus seaports have to use this to determine the level of risk management required. Costs can be a factor, however the cost of implementing a risk management plan is far trivial to the benefits that can be derived from it. Risk assessments will help a seaport determine if they are areas in which they can improve, and possibly provide training to make employees aware of any changes in procedures that may have been made as a result of the analysis derived from the assessments. Risks have varying consequences, and this is potentially important to seaports. Accidents can pose severe threats not only to the vessels, crews, and cargoes but also the public, environment, property, and local and regional economies (National Research Council Staff, 169). Accidents can be caused by human error or technical malfunctions; this ultimately puts individuals in contact with seaports on a day to day basis at risk. In the past there have been incidents that have prompted agencies to re-evaluate their procedures and measures taken to ensure the safety and protection of physical assets. A prime example of this would be the Exxon Valdez spilling that occurred on March 24, 1989. It was an environmental horror that occurred at sea and affected both wildlife and plants. Its departure area was Alaska at the Valdez oil terminal and bound for California. The main cause of this incident was attributed to human error brought on by exhaustion as well as insufficient traffic system. T he movement of hazardous or dangerous cargoes is not reviewed until a major marine accident occurs (National Research Council Staff, 169). This applies to the Exxon Valdez disaster, had proper measures and procedures

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Olaudah Equiano's Interesting Narrative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Olaudah Equiano's Interesting Narrative - Essay Example And so much as his revelations might seem shocking; they are actually reality of what is happening now. We are barbarians as they tell us, although they forget that even those at one point their ancestors were barbarians too. So I concur with my friend Gustavas when he says these words (Equiano 2-162). Working alongside Equiano was fun and I liked it. I realized that the captains loved him a lot because he seemed very agile and responsible. He is simply good at what he does. Many sins have been committed to my friend and other slaves like me. No one seems to care what we go through just like he feels. Giving service to our masters is all we do, yet no reward is given unless we sweat for it and grind our fingers trying to save something to buy our freedom. When Equiano was sold to Robert King, I felt like the world was all crumbling and I knew I was next in line. But this is not what bothered me most. The most disgusting thing was the level of betrayal that happened that day. I had kn own Pascal as a very close friend of Gustavas despite the fact that he was his master. I had a belief in this man, just like he did and I was shocked when he let him be seized and thrown into a barge. This is the highest form of betrayal that I have seen happen. Humility and good service is expected of us slaves, yet nothing is given in return. Gustavas was very frightened of the new places we used to go during the sails in the sea. When I read these memoirs, the cries and drums of warfare that used to scare us to bone still haunt me. The journeys were frightful and horrible because it was not known whether we would come out a live or not. We slaves were disposable objects at the will of our masters. Service to these masters was paramount and even when Equiano says that he gave his full service with all the faithfulness and love for Pascal without asking for payment, I feel what he went through (Equiano 2-162). The anguish and pain that we went through was excruciating. Thinking tha t this was punishment from God is the only thing we could do. Our repentance does not even seem to bear fruits. I have all the reason, like Equiano, to believe that God is punishing me. Finding a new conviction to pursue and spread the Christian faith brought us joy. I understand why Equiano chose to believe in Christianity. It gave us hope and he could tell me that the love of God was beyond what we were going through. I was always left wondering why the Englishmen did not practice what the Christian faith purported. Looking at the atrocities we were subjected to with Equiano, at times I feel contempt for what we call western civilization. This period of slavery is actually one of the dark ages in the history of mankind. It is even more disturbing when no word of apology is uttered to us. Our inhumane treatment as slaves left me wondering if indeed reverence did exist. I sat with Gustavas and we would always think about our roots back at home in Africa. The pain of being separated from family and friends was too much to bear. This is why I do not blame Equiano when he talks less and concentrates on his work. He says getting busy helps him forget the pain he bears inside. We are forced to forget about our roots and embrace the cultural beliefs that we know nothing about (Klein 2-209). Now 15 years have gone down the line since I last got my freedom and left. These memoirs bring me back the memories of my past. This is why I feel like disappearing from the face of the earth.

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Professional Responsibilities Legislation Essay Example for Free

Professional Responsibilities Legislation Essay â€Å"Teachers must meet their professional responsibilities consistent with the institute’s (IFL’s) professional values.† (IFL) One of the IFL’s many codes of professional practice. Upholding the code of conduct and relevant legislation is the basis for you as a teacher. Among the legislature you need to understand is the importance of the health and safety act (1974) – it says all workers are entitled to work in a safe environment where risks are properly controlled. The HSWA act is also the umbrella under which more specific regulations such as the Manual handling act 1992 (amended 2002) are made. Another fundamental element of workplace health and safety management – and also a legal requirement is RIDDOR; the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995. Also of great importance the childcare act 2006, it stipulates every child should get the support they need to be healthy, safe, and enjoy and achieve economic wellbeing. As a teacher you also need to have your own professional values – views, beliefs that will underpin your profession. â€Å"A good teacher is more than a lecturer.† (AMEE 2000) You are no longer a dispenser of information or a walking tape recorder but instead you are a facilitator or manager of the students learning. You are there to ensure all learners have access to the same resources, the same support and you don’t differentiate instead embrace and respect people’s differences and their choices. You are there to guide them, provide information and offer suggestions. But it has to be a 2 way process, by helping them you will also develop your skills because â€Å"teaching is itself a learning process for the teacher† (Joyce, Showers 2002). Everyone is different and you need to be prepared and have contingency plans for all levels of knowledge and skill – you will find bored students make bad students. They don’t just have a variety of levels but also different learning styles, be sure to have a mix of kinaesthetic, visual and audio resources. You can use handouts with the camera instructions on, a video showing how it works, and then let them try themselves. It is your responsibility to ensure all students no matter how diverse are given equal learning opportunities – that means assuming different roles. So for Learner X (names are confidential) you need to be firm, authoritative, Learner Y asks a lot of questions – be prepared to listen and summarise, Learner Z needs more encouragement.

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Doublemajoring in Literature Essay -- Personal Narrative Papers

Doublemajoring in Literature I came to Loras College intending to major in Biochemistry and only Biochemistry. I was prepared to be very serious in my studies, focused on facts, and determined to work as hard as possible to succeed, but I realized in my first semester Critical Writing: Poetry course the importance of feeling and expression in my life. I poured over chemistry and biology books, studying, rewriting, memorizing, and reveling in science; but I can remember the release and the emotional experience poetry was able to provide for me. I recall telling Dr. Bauerly that I decided to double major in Biochemistry and English Literature because I wanted to read without feeling guilty for neglecting my other homework. English Literature studies have allowed me to bring feeling and emotion to the side of me that I sometimes recognize as a skeptical and cold scientist. I always felt that I have been slightly different from other students majoring in English Literature. I never really considered myself to be creative, artistic, or insightful. I can remember my first few English Literature courses, in which I questioned whether I would really have anything of significance to add to group discussions. One of my strengths, however, as a major in English Literature has been my ability to be open and interested in new things. I try to be open and learn new ideas, styles of writing, various opinions, and critical strategies. I love hearing other people’s opinions about symbolism and theme, and I think it is interesting to consider why they see the image in such a manner. Color and Eveline and I represent my strengths as an open minded and curious person. I was skeptical about imitating an author’s style and about the significa... it was an essay that I did not think I could do, but I feel I succeeded in writing it in Toomer’s style as well as developing some of my own. I learned that I should still try to accomplish overwhelming goals, even if I doubt my abilities. Studying English Literature has been a joy and a release for me. I have learned a great deal not only about other races, cultures, ages, and people in general; but also I have learned so much about myself. Literature allowed my mind and heart time to practice working together to form decisions and opinions. This aspect, listening and learning with both my heart and mind, is one skill I feel I can bring with me anywhere. This skill would make me a better doctor, a better mother, and a better person. Therefore, never have I regretted double majoring in Biochemistry and English Literature, and I doubt sincerely if I ever will.

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Analysis Of “Lidl” Essay

Introduction Lidl is a German discount supermarket, operating a chain of over 9000 stores across Europe. In Germany Lidl has an upmarket image attracting the middle class. However, Bulgarian consumers perceive Lidl to be down market retailer attracting low income families. History of the company Schwarz Beteiligungs GmbH is the holding company of the Handelshof and Kaufland store chains and Lidl Stiftung & Co KG, a wholly-owned subsidiary which owns supermarket Lidl. The company was founded in Germany in the 1930‘s by the Schwarz family as a wholesale foods company under tha name Schwarz Assorted Wholesale Foods. The business was then destroyed in 1944. After ten years the business was rebuild and the first Lidl store opened in 1973. By 1977 the Lidl chain comprised 33 discount stores. Today Lidl operates approximately 9000 stores across 20 Europeans countries. In Bulgaria, Lidl opened the first store in 2010 and now services 64 stores across the country. The latest history of the company Lidl was clouded by the observation scandal in 2008. The company was accused of observing their employees. This scandal damaged their image. Lidl has appologized for the incident and has assured that they would promote immediate moves to prevent such incidents to happen again in the f uture. Retail market in Bulgaria Retailers in Bulgaria currently hold a market share of 35% and it is likely to reach 50% in 2014.At the same time, according to the Bulgarian Retailer‘s Association, the market has shrunk with one billion Euro for the last few  years due to the declining consumption. While in 2008 the market was estimated at 12 billion leva, in 2010 it was estimated at 10.7 billion leva and 10.5 billion leva in 2011 (source: ICAP consultancy). Competitors: Top three retailers in 2013 are Metro Cash&Carry, Kaufland and Billa. The largest chain continues to be Metro. However, in 2013 it showed 12% lower sales although it has very good profitability of 9.5%. Kaufland makes every effort to take over the leading position although their profitability is behind the leader with 2.36%. It made more sale due to the new outlets. Billa ranks third (profitability of 2.48%). Its profits decreased substantially. The second group of chains is those which are relatively new on the market. Slovenian Mercator (Roda Market) has 4 outlets (two in Stara Zagora) and plans a new one in Sofia. The retailer operates at a loss and does not plan to make a profit although the strategy is to become at least the 5th largest retailer in Bulgaria. Penny Market entered the country together with Lidl and they became true competitors. In 2010, the chain is on 12th position with 100 million leva (51.1 million Euro) sales. German HIT also registered a decline in sales. Maxima (T-Market) works at a loss due to opening of new stores, and plans to open 15-20 new outlets. A third group consists of smaller local chains. In most cases, they were acquired by larger retailers. Kaleia became a part of T-Market, and Verde was sold to a new owner in 2011. Increasingly, independent stores rebrand under the brands of larger retailers. Lidl currently differentiate themselves in the market by offering quality products at a low price. However, the main reason why Lidl is not among top three retail companies in Bulgaria is that the company is perceived by the Bulgarians as being low quality and low price. Existing brands and strategy of Lidl Lidl stocks very few market leading brands and mainly stocks their own unfamiliar captive brands, which encompasses food and non-food products. Many ranges focus on the ethnic origin of products. Its Italian brand Combino covers everything from dry pasta to pasta sauces; El Tequito signals Mexican food. Lidl offers also a fair trade brand, Free Globe, which provide  Lidl consumers with an ethical alternative. Captive brands are in line with Lidl‘s operating strategy as a discount retailer. Own label, captive brands are cheaper than branded label products as Lidl controls the costs and production thereby ensuring higher profit margins. Competitive Advantage Consumers like private labels due to their price/quality ratio which is almost always good. Lidl tries to cover the full range of consumer products under their private label lines in order to attract as large number of consumers as possible. Private labels also bring benefits to local food manufacturers which are the usual suppliers. Lidl offers small local manufacturers the chance to sell their private label products abroad as well as in the country. Overall, however, these advantages remain underestimated by food producers. Most are still trying to maintain own brands but admit that the price difference for the same product under the own brand and under the private label is almost double, and the cost of keeping own brands grows so significantly that it becomes unaffordable for smaller companies. Ultimately, Lidl is more competitive, ensures a higher image, achieves a greater turnover, makes cost savings, achieves higher revenue and profits and creates customer loyalty through thei r private labels. Social Responsibility In the matter of the important topic Corporate Social Responsibility, Lidl started a project called â€Å"ECO2LOGISCH†. This project is about building stores that are energy-efficient and sustainable. This is a new store generation. For example the new stores will be 100% heated using the waste heat from the refrigerated sections. Lidl plans that from 2010 on all Lidl-stores should be build â€Å"ECO2LOGISCH†. With this project Lidl is the first food retailer which sets sustainable building services engineering as a standard. Another important social activity is the Green bus line â€Å"Vitosha†. This line is financed by LIDL Bulgaria and transports citizens and guests from the National stadium â€Å"Vasil Levski† to Zlatnite mostove in Vitosha for free. The bus is in harmony with nature and everybody experiences positive emotions. Organisational strategy Lidl’s no frills approach to retailing enables them to eliminate all extra  costs such as carrier bags and customer services. It avoids expensive flooring, furnishing and uses basic fixtures such as pallets and simple shelving. Lidl do this in order to keep their operating costs as low as possible which allows them to maintain low product prices and offer their customers value for money. It also has a narrow product assortment, offering one or two items in each category. Therefore, the company is able to buy large amounts of stock achieving economies of scale, enabling Lidl to offer quality products at a low competitive price. PEST analysis Political factor: This factor determines on what degree the government intervenes in the economy. This can affect supermarkets such as Lidl in a number of ways. For instance, the minimum wage in Bulgaria is 340 leva. Not only does it affect Lidl, but also it affects the low-skilled workers. The reason is that the company would prefer to employ fewer workers because of the minimum wage. Taxation in Bulgaria also affects the company. The higher the income tax, the less disposable income consumers have. Therefore, Lidl makes less sales. Generally, the government plays a big role in the economy. Economic factors: The economic factors that influence Lidl include interest rates and cost of living. The interest rates affect the company‘s cost of capital, which determines whether it can grow or not. Lidl is stimulated to invest in Bulgaria by a favorable fiscal policy, flat corporate tax of ten per cent (lowest level in the European Union) and low operational costs. Nevertheless, the country is still ranked as the lowest income member of the EU. As revealed by Eurostat data, the GDP per capita in Bulgaria expressed in Purchasing Power Standards stands at 40% of the EU-27 average based on latest GDP data. That is one of the reasons for the declining consumption in the country. Social factors: It is very important for Lidl that consumers spend more money in their stores. However, according to Industry Watch, private savings have increased with 30% during the last few years as a result of the economic crisis, which has threatened the financial security of many citizens. Households prefer saving in this difficult time and they cut largely on their consumption. Families are more conservative. Another problem is the demographic crisis in Bulgaria. The population has been increasingly declining for the last twenty-four years. Political: Government policies Current legislation Tax policy Employment legislation Economical: Interest rates Fiscal policy Cost of living Social: Education Consumer attitudes and opinions Private savings Major events Technological: Innovation Communications New technology SWOT analysis Sthrengths: Weight: 1. Has private labels and a good range of other branded products too. 2. Strong online presence and online selling. 3. Placement, they build in deprived areas where cheap food is required. They sell reasonable food that appeal to all incomes. 4. Open on Sundays and holidays. 5. Has over 9,000 stores across Europe 0,35 0,26 0,22 0,12 0,05 Total: 1 Weaknesses: Weght: 1.Still relatively small as compared to other brands 2. Hasn’t been able to impact globally as there are a few other chain stores 3. Observation scandal 0,67 0,22 0,11 Total: 1 Opportunities: Weight: 1.To gain a further strong hold in European markets 2. Expanding into growing economies like Africa, Asia etc 0,6 0,4 Threats: Weight: 1. International expansion of other brand would increase competition 2. Price war with other retail chains brands 0,5 0,5 Five forces model Buyer power There is one important change in the consumer’s behaviour to which the retailers have to respond to. Nowadays the importance of health gets bigger and bigger. The convenience food becomes less important and consumers are more interested in fresh and healthy food. Another important fact is the price. Because there is a wide range of large retailers in Bulgaria, the consumer faces no switching costs and thereby the retailers have to have an attractive price scheme. All in all the buyer power is moderate. Supplier power The big Bulgarian retailers often have a large range of suppliers. With this  strategy the retailers ensure stability. They avoid possible delays in deliveries and price fluctuations. In addition to that some large retailers have started to sell own brand products. These two facts weaken the supplier power in the Bulgarian food retail industry. Generally, the supplier power is moderate. New entrants It is not easy for new entrants to enter the market because of the aggressive marketing and pricing schemes of the large retailers in the industry. Nevertheless there are low entry and exit costs in the food retail industry and the changes in consumer’s behaviour gives new entrants a possible niche to enter the market successfully. Besides the low growths rate makes the industry not that attractive to new entrants. In conclusion the threat of new entrants is moderate. Substitutes The only real substitute to the food retail is the food service represented by fast foods restaurants, sit-down restaurants and delivery services. But for consumers the food service is more a complement than a substitute. A more direct substitute are individuals and families who cultivate their own food. This is no longer used nowadays but in the long term it is possible because of the changes in the consumer’s behaviour and the threat of economically and politically instability. The threat of substitutes is therefore weak. Rivalry A high competition in the food retail industry exists. The main reasons for this are not the existing switching costs for the consumers. The similarity in the basic products of the large retailers pushes them into a competitive pricing scheme. This leads the price wars. These are encouraged by the consumers who are now comparing more and more. They have a look on special offers and the lowest price. The Bulgarian food retail industry has a lot of competitors. Therefore, rivalry is strong in this industry. Conclusion The financial crisis has a negative impact on shopping in Bulgaria. Therefore, Lidl needs to be able to compete on more than just price in order to retain more affluent consumers in the future. Thus, the company‘s personality should be distinct from its competitor‘s offerings. Lidl‘s brand personality reflects an outdated and cheap product range, which is negatively perceived by some consumers. In Bulgaria, Lidl‘s products lack symbolic meaning and have few strong associations with the company. In order to gain more market share, Lidl should be presented as honest and trustworthy, offering quality and fresh products at competitive price. Resources: Retail market report (from 2012, prepared by Mila Boshnakova)

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Case Study- Quit Smoking Essay - 2215 Words

CASE STUDY TITLE- Quit Smoking ABSTRACT H (Pseudonym) is a 32 years old male nurse working on a children’s ward as a temporary bank nurse at the local hospital. He heard of me through a member of our local community whereupon he phoned me towards the end of April 2012, with a long history of smoking up to 40 cigarettes daily, wishing for help to Quit Smoking due to the total ban on Smoking introduced at the hospital and other issues relating to smoking. I could not offer him any help at the time but provided him with contact details of other therapists. INTRODUCTION/INITIAL CONSULTATION H phoned at the start of June 2012, requesting for help telling me that he did†¦show more content†¦Hypnosis is also thought as a special relationship that one has with his subconscious. Trust and acceptance allows the individual to accept appropriate suggestions aimed at helping to achieve set goals changing an unhealthy habit to a healthy one. The deep relaxation techniques and focusing exercises of hypnosis work to calm and subdue the conscious mind in taking a back seat to the subconscious mind where the hypnosis process opens up a control panel inside the brain changing negatives to positives. CRITERIA USED IN DECIDING HYPNOSIS AS TREATMENT The person has: - To be of consensual age or an adult who can give his/her own consent -Is of sound mind-not suffering from any form of mental illness -The understanding that Hypnosis is not a magic wand -The smoker understands the consequences or immediate after effects -Treatment is not to start until the client is satisfied with advice given -The client made aware that it is not necessary to cease smoking before starting treatment TREATMENT PLAN 1) Start with the Initial Consultation 2) Allow for short break 3) 1( one ) Quit Smoking Hypnosis session 4) Time for Client’s Feedback EXPECTED OUTCOMES 1. The principal outcome was to QuitShow MoreRelatedQuit Smoking Case Study Essay4989 Words   |  20 Pages Case study- Quit Smoking A young adult man met his primary care physician for the first time, during which his prior military history came to light. The young man recalled the anxiety he experienced when he received his military orders for deployment to Iraq. Prior to the notice of deployment, he smoked cigarettes only occasionally, maybe 1 or 2 cigarettes a day. As the time for deployment approached, he started smoking more cigarettes and by the time he arrived in Iraq was up to a full packRead MoreA Single Case Study Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to Quit Smoking3341 Words   |  13 PagesSingle Case Study Using Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques to Quit Smoking Cigarette smoking is a leading public health issue worldwide and has a negative impact on the health of millions of individuals each year (American Cancer Society, 2007). The health related effects from cigarette smoking include cancer, hypertension, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, cigarette smoking is an addictive behavior (American Psychological Association [APA], 2000). Millions of people attempt to quit smokingRead MoreSmoking Essay1207 Words   |  5 PagesHow to Quit Smoking The smoking problem has become quite prevalent in our society. Several governments have had problems dealing with a huge healthcare burden due to diseases and conditions brought about by smoking. At the same time, individuals suffer several addictive and health issues due to smoking. While this information may be apparent to most of the smokers, studies have found that quitting a smoking habit is quite a challenge. The reason behind such challenge is attributed to Nicotine. NicotineRead MoreThe Problem Of Electronic Cigarettes1717 Words   |  7 Pagesbegan buying cigarettes and smoking regularly throughout the day. It progressed to smoking a pack per week. I knew it was a terrible habit and I was ashamed of it. The hardest part was hiding it from friends and family hoping they would not find out. I came to the realization that I had to quit. It was not as easy as I had anticipated it to be. A friend of mine named Issack showed me this new thing he was trying called vaping.He was a smoker too but he stopped smoking cigarettes and started vapingRead MoreThe Conduct Of Randomized Clinical Trials On E Cigarettes1147 Words   |  5 Pagesand in our case, e-cigarettes evolve so quickly that it is highly probable new devices with different characteristics to be available by the end of the trial. Furthermore, their findings may not reliable predict effectiveness in real world, as important features such as effects from the social and economic environment are not represented. Thus, in contrast to the much complex randomized controlled studies, observational studies are easierRead MoreSmoking Banning Public Areas Yield Positive Effects For All1211 Words   |  5 PagesSmoking Bans in Public Areas Yield Positive Effects For All One of the major reasons for death and preventable diseases is tobacco use. Just in the United States of America, smoking has found to be the cause of â€Å"over 40,000 deaths due to heart disease and over 200,000 episodes of childhood asthma per year† (Naiman et al 1). Some of these cases could be specifically linked to secondhand smoke, â€Å"defined as an involuntary exposure to a combination of diluted cigarette side stream smoke and the exhaledRead MoreThe Effects Of Smoking Ban On Employees And Passive Smokers At Work Place And Home1295 Words   |  6 Pages Investigating the effects of Workplace Smoking Ban Contents Investigating the effects of Workplace Smoking Ban 1 Aim and Objectives 1 Literature Review / Research Background 2 Research Rationale 3 Learning Outcomes 3 Study Design 4 Type of Study 4 Type of Design 4 Data Types 4 Ethics 5 Risk 5 Required Resources 5 Research Time Frame 5 References 6 Aim and Objectives The kay aim of the research is to investigate the effects of smoking ban at work place on employees and these effects may includeRead MoreEssay on The Difficulty in Quitting Smoking1350 Words   |  6 PagesThe Difficulty in Quitting Smoking Smoking is terrible. Statistically speaking, smoking is the most dangerous thing that we can choose to do with our own health. Yet so many people still smoke. The author will confess that he too is a smoker, but as a smoker, I feel shame about it under certain circumstances. It is a personal choice in my life, yet there is nothing but social pressure to conform and quit. Smokers make up 23% of the Canadian population, most likely more as a smokers wasRead MoreSmoking Is The Single Largest Preventable Cause Of Death And Disease1151 Words   |  5 Pageschemicals, and people still choose to smoke it. Smoking can cause many diseases and illnesses that can certainly lead to death varying on the case. Tobacco blackens the lungs and hurts the health of others nearby. It also takes away all of their money for other items. Quitting smoking will benefit them with better health, they won’t give others secondhand smoke, and they will have more spending money. In order to get starte d, I recommend them to quit on their own, or find a hobby they like to do.Read MoreDisease Study: Lung Cancer1390 Words   |  6 Pagesaddressed in Whiteside, et als (2007) report, the top three of which will be discussed here. These factors included tobacco use, sun exposure, and the lack of physical activity on a regular basis. Smoking has been a concern when it comes to cancer for some time, because studies have consistently shown that smoking is bad for the heart and lungs, as well as other systems within the body (Thun, Hannan, Adams-Campbell, et al, 2008). The majority of people who contract lung cancer each year are smokers,